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Brexit’s Effect On UK Fashion

Brexit was not only a shock to most but also 90% of British designers who voted to remain (BFC Poll). The fashion industry directly contributed £28bn to the UK’s economy in 2015 employing over 880,000 jobs which like many industries is now in uncharted waters. But what will Brexit mean to the fashion economy? Will […]

New Technology That Change The Way We Shop

Fashion and technology have always gone hand in hand and designers continue to push the boundaries and provide talking points with their collections. From Burberry broadcasting their entire catwalk using smartphones to Diesel Black Gold developing bespoke smartwatch for their catwalk show at NYFW. This month saw a surge in development that combined the hunger […]

Has social media changed the fashion industry?

We all know social media & the internet has created instantaneous information at a click of a button. But how has it shaped the fashion industry? Take the modelling world for instance, gone are the days when looks are the overriding factor, now photographers & clients are on the lookout for models with ‘personality’, someone […]