New Technology That Change The Way We Shop

Fashion and technology have always gone hand in hand and designers continue to push the boundaries and provide talking points with their collections. From Burberry broadcasting their entire catwalk using smartphones to Diesel Black Gold developing bespoke smartwatch for their catwalk show at NYFW.

This month saw a surge in development that combined the hunger of fast fashion with cutting edge technology that will feed our “see now, buy now” culture.

Created by Blippar in connection with Visa Europe, this revolutionary new technology allows the user to photograph any piece of clothing, anywhere, and it will instantly tell you where it is from and where you can buy it.

The app was tested at designer Henry Holland’s catwalk last week where audience members could point their iOS or Android phone at the models as they walked down the catwalk and an advanced image-recognition scanner identified the items and allowed the user to select the size they wanted and pay for it instantly, without having to wait for them to arrive in the stores next year.

Celebrities at the show were also given an ornate ring with a small chip embedded into. The celebrity was able to walk up to the garment of choice & scan a corresponding chip on the item they liked. The rings were linked to virtualised payment terminals via Bluetooth Smart technology, allowing the transactions to be processed via Visa as the show went on.
This technology is still in its trial stages but already shows huge potential, and interestingly, I did a report on a very similar technology at The Dandy Lab  for MNSWR.TV


With the UK fashion industry contributing £28 billion to the UK economy last year and online sales predicted to account for 17.1% of total retail sales by 2020 (up from 13.8% in 2015 Verdict Retail ) this merger could be game-changing.

I don’t know about you, but I recently spotted a woman wearing a beautiful pleated skirt on the other side of the tube platform and desperately wanted to know where she got it from! So I can easily see how this piece of technology could do amazing things for consumers and the retail industry alike.

You’ve gotta love fashion for trying new technology!

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