Can The Council Ban Elasticated Waistbands?

During 40s/50’s fashion was all about beautiful structure, tailoring, posture and waists but then 70/s/80’s brought on the elasticated waistband. Now more and more people are wearing ‘lounge wear.’ But should it be banned in order to help stop obesity? Council bosses at the Local Government Association think it should.

Now I’ve blogged about plus size fashion numerous times and to my readers you will know that the averages size in the UK is size 16. Today even Debenhams said its sales of larger sized clothing for men has jumped 170% in the last two years with 1 in 9 buying larger then XXL. But are the council right in saying elasticated waists are “normalising’ obesity and that by banning the elasticated waistband “you can measure it and manage it.”

I am a size 6-8 and health and fitness is my hobby, but when I was pregnant I was a whole lot bigger (and heavier) and so totally empathise with those in need of comfort.
That said, I think there is a huge problem with the lack of stylish, flattering, structured clothes available for larger people (both pregnant and otherwise) and ultimately I think this is the reason why people resort to leggings and my pet hate- tracksuits! which do nothing for their style or posture.

Presenting on QVC I see many lines of popular clothing brands with elasticated waistbands flying out the door because they use high quality material in styles that are flattering.
People even write on the QVC website saying how good they feel in the clothes they buy following comments by their loved ones. So I am a big believer that if you feel good in what you wear you are more likely to want to change your lifestyle habits to suit.

Regardless of the trends, in certain pockets of the UK there is pressure to wear the right Nike trainers or baggy trousers like Jay-Z and it has become a status symbol.  So in this instance the Council banning elasticated waist bands would not only cause an outcry with the wearers but also the fashion designers who have built their brand around sports luxe.

I could talk about this for ages, but overall I think the Council are out of touch with what is needed to help prevent obesity and if they did manage to ban elasticated waistbands, then what would happen to drawstring trousers? Gym clothes or sleepwear? Where would it stop?




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