Will We See ‘Plus Size’ MALE models?

Plus Size Male Model Tumblr

I wrote a blog a few months ago about the growing popularity of plus size female models and how they have started to now be used in major publications, shops and catwalk shows. I even wrote a TV programme treatment about it!
But this is soon becoming old news as we already understand the importance of representing the quarter of women in the UK who are size 18 and above.

Yet being a reporter for both women’s and men’s fashion it got me thinking – will this happen for menswear as well? Will we see plus sized men on the catwalks for major designers?

We all know that fashion for men is growing at a rapid pace, you only have to look on the high street to see new shops such as New Look opening standalone menswear stores to understand this. Sure, menswear is slightly slower on the uptake then the fast paced often daring ‘disposable fashion’ we see in womenswear, but it is catching up.

Using plus sized models is still in its infancy, but do I think there will be plus sized men strutting their stuff (and moobs) down the catwalks any time soon? My guess is possibly. But perhaps not for a couple of years. For one, menswear haven’t had the same journey through the ages that womenswear has and the garments haven’t been categorised in ‘plus sizes’ only XXL or XXXL. Plus, designers still prefer to showcase their high fashion collections on slender, streamlined clotheshorses that show off their garments perfectly and unlike the odd rare designer like Oliver Spencer who use ‘real men’ I doubt they will be looking to change soon!

That said, I think one day it will happen, and when it does, the designer who chooses to use plus sized men on their catwalks will get the biggest publicity advertisement of all. Millions of men with ‘dad bod’s’ who struggle to connect to tall, thinner, androgynous models will be able to relate.

So which male celebrities do I think would make a good ambassadors? How about:

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