Off The Rails London – Menswear Event

For anyone who may not have heard, there was a new menswear event this week-end in London’s Truman Brewery called Off The Rails London.
It was a 4x day event running from 30th Oct to 2nd Nov and showcased over 70 classic & contemporary menswear brands. It was the first event of its kind and from what I’m aware, this will thankfully be the first of many, with one being held each season.

The brands showcasing were diverse yet high quality and ranged from streetwear, to tailoring and accessories. The great thing about the event was that you were able to speak to the designers and brand ambassadors to get a better understanding of the items on show. You could also get a trim at the barber and have style advice from a Topshop stylist.

Being the first show of its kind it did have a few teething problems where  the general public had to purchase a ticket in order to get in, which limited footfall into the show and created a little confusion as to whether this was just an exhibition.
The organisers soon realised this & were quick to offer free tickets on their website. But as the stallholders were more than happy to sell their items to the public, I think next time they should make clear if this is a paid for trade only show or an opportunity for the general public to be exposed to new and exciting labels all under one roof.

All in all though, the show was very impressive and a good indication of the variety of menswear this country produces. With London Collections Men adding another day to its schedule next season it goes to show there is a gap for a dedicated men’s retail event  like this and I wish the organisers every success for next season.


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