Plus sized women and fashion bloggers

Having reported at various fashion events and spoken to a few plus sized woman over recent months, I keep getting told how hard it is for plus sized women to find fashionable clothes.
I’m not plus sized, but I am really interested in this and want to research further, but I need your help!

If you can take a look at my rough question below and write your comments underneath I’d appreciate it.
This aimed predominately at UK ladies, but any feedback would be helpful! So if you are from abroad, then please mention which country you are from.

1) Do you think it is easy to shop as a plus sized woman?

2) Do you think plus sized women are represented well or fogotten about in the fashion world?

3) If you are over the average high-street store size of 16-18, where do you shop?

4) Do the places you shop offer you fashionable, high quality clothes you like? Or do you just buy them because they fit?

5) Are there any well known plus sized fashion bloggers as popular as Susie Bubble & Bryan Boy you know of?

6) If high end designers like Georgio Armani created plus sized clothes, would you be interested in buying them? Do you even care about wearing the latest trends?

Thanks in advance!


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