London Fashion Week – Behind The Scenes

Having a press pass at London Fashion Week meant I could go behind the scenes in Somerset House to view the Spring Summer 2015 collections by the designers exhibiting there.

The designers collections were stunning to see in the flesh and ranged from Jean-Pierre Braganza to a new designers like Yuzzo. Plus of course there was the rock vault showing a number of amazing jewelry pieces, the shoe and hat departments and the Maybelline Lounge celebrating its first season as official make-up sponsors and offering journalists & celebs complementary touch-ups & tutorials.

Jena Theo

DSCN6043 DSCN6044









E Tautz

DSCN6046 DSCN6045 DSCN6047








Zoe Jordan

DSCN6036 DSCN6035








DSCN6031 DSCN6027 DSCN6029









Jean-Pierre Braganza

DSCN6056 DSCN6057 DSCN6059 DSCN6060 DSCN6061 DSCN6062













Foyodor Golan

DSCN6071 DSCN6069 DSCN6073









Christopher Raeburn

DSCN6076 DSCN6077 - CopyDSCN6075








Haizhen Wang

DSCN6064 DSCN6065 DSCN6067









Accessories and the Maybelline Lounge

DSCN6385 - Copy DSCN6377 - Copy DSCN6378 - CopyDSCN6318 DSCN6381 - Copy DSCN6382 - CopyDSCN6316 DSCN6317

















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