Spring Summer 2015 Trend Report

Following my visit to Pure London this week I not only had a look at the fabulous SS15 collections from over 800 different labels exhibiting, but I also attended a seminar by WGSN (worlds leading trend forecasters who source their trends by anaylising the retail market sales, following trends by bloggers, looking at world sales and street style) to get a solid understanding of the trends we will expect to see next year.

This is going to be a long blog, so bear with me as there will be a lot of pictures!
If you want to watch my short video report, please check out: http://youtu.be/oStEtYCc0jY

The overall trend is simple, soft structures silhouettes. We will be seeing wide & peg leg trousers & rolled up boyfriend jeans (yes the 80’s trend is back), trapeze dresses, suits, pleated maxi skirts, boxy tops, wide leg culottes, kimono sleeves, long length duster and waistcoats, oversized jumpers and relaxed biker jackets. Think borrowed from the boys (following AW14) but a simpler, softer and a more feminine feel.

My trend categories are:

1) Active Calm – Following the relaxed tailoring mentioned above, the colours we can expect to see are zen like chalky pastels, greens & head to toe white. Sheer panel detail and accents of colour (Bright orange being a key colour) add areas of interest.

2) Scandinavian Water – Softer blacks, inky blues and jeweled tones in more organic colours with patterns mimicking marbled effects or contaminated colours (the effect when introducing two ink colours together in a petri dish), metallics,  raw edging and grainy texture.

3) Abstract Art – Bright bold colours in art inspired brush strokes and block cut-out shapes. Think the artist Matisse. Spots and stripes (as predicted in my previous blog) will be key prints worn predominately as separates. Art inspired printed court shoes also look popular for SS15.

4) Native Artisan – This wasn’t mentioned by WGSN, but I think this will be another trend we will see – Softer tropical & tribal prints  with hand crafted textures ranging from fringing, embroidered florals and lace. Think modern animal patterns & artistic florals. (Fuschia pink florals were mentioned by WGSN).

Looking around the stalls at Pure, it seems the above are already primed for our high streets. The labels that caught my eye are below and the WGSN slides follow that! ……Enjoy!

NB – I’ll be giving a full final report after fashion week so keep an eye out for that later. x


IMG_4812 IMG_4808 IMG_4803 IMG_4797 P1210554 P1210553 P1210550
P1210546 P1210543 P1210537 P1210533 P1210534 P1210497 P1210494

P1210480 P1210478 P1210476 P1210493P1210471 P1210460 P1210461






P1210408 P1210453 P1210452 P1210451 P1210450 P1210449 P1210447 P1210446 P1210445 P1210444 P1210443 P1210442 P1210441 P1210440 P1210439 P1210438 P1210437 P1210436 P1210435 P1210434 P1210433 P1210432 P1210431 P1210430 P1210429 P1210428 P1210427 P1210426 P1210425 P1210424 P1210423 P1210422 P1210421 P1210420 P1210419 P1210418 P1210417 P1210416 P1210414 P1210413 P1210412 P1210411 P1210410 P1210409 P1210457

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