La Redoute AW14 Press Day Paris

This week I reported at La Redoute’s AW14 press day in Paris. It was no surprise that the event drew in crowds of journalists and bloggers as the overall collection had something for everyone in timeless, effortless French style that La Redoute does so well.

IMG_4268IMG_4259 IMG_4221






In case you are not familiar with La Redoute clothing, they have an overall ‘basic’ collection with various jumpers, shirts & trousers for everyday use and then they have three own brands that cover specific themes; ‘Mademoiselle R ‘ is a feminine, vintage inspired collection, ‘Laura Clement’ is city chic and ‘Soft Grey’ combines boho and rock chic styling.


Each collection ticked all the boxes for next season’s trends in a way that was  both stylish and chic. The quality of material & workmanship was superior & they really know how to dress for ‘real’ women.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces for next season:

Mademoiselle R

IMG_4258 IMG_4245 IMG_4241 IMG_4239 IMG_4286[1]













Laura Clement

IMG_4223 IMG_4261 IMG_4285[1] IMG_4284[1]














Soft Grey

IMG_4263 IMG_4266 IMG_4288[1]









In addition to the above, La Redoute have a number of guest designers and for next season there will be two: Jacquemon and BA&SH. Both of whom I interviewed for La Redoute UK.

BA&SH‘s collection was elegant and sophisticated & I was obsessed with their tuxedo style top & trousers.

IMG_4227 IMG_4243 IMG_4242IMG_4281









Jacquemon on the other hand combined simple, sports luxe chic. His oversized pink coat certainly got a lot of attention! At the age of just 25 he has already done a number of catwalk shows including Paris Fashion Week and sells his clothes internationally across Europe & Japan. (Yes I felt like an underachiever!).

IMG_4233 IMG_4249 IMG_4289[1]IMG_4234 IMG_4282












Both of these designers collections were exclusive to La Redoute & I cant want to get my hands on all of it!

Having spent the day running around presenting various videos for the La Redoute UK website I managed to squeeze in some last minute sightseeing and shopping before heading back to London….well it would be rude not to!
IMG_4272IMG_4276IMG_4196 IMG_4273


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