Kate Moss Unveils New Topshop Collection

After 4yrs Kate Moss last night unveiled her latest collection at Topshop in true Supermodel style as hoards of press and passers by watched a performance by Duke Dumont after being graced by the legendary model herself.

She appeared in her metallic jacquard blazer with scallop trim cami and Louboutin heels and looked every inch the supermodel.
People queued for 5 hours to be the  first to get their hands on the collection much to the passing tourists amusement!

The collection is what Kate calls her “wardrobe autobiography” and was a reflection of her own wardrobe with vintage 70’s inspired pieces in four categories: Balearic dressing, pyjama dressing, cocktail hour and tailoring noir.

The collection itself though has had mixed reviews, some critics are saying they have seen it before in her past collaborations with Top Shop and this new collection looks dated and is overpriced for what it is.  Looking though the collection I do take their point. The fringed biker jacket similar to Kate’s own is not really something I would personally wear outside a music festival, similarly the £295 silver gown taken from the Johnny Depp years also seems dated and unless you have a supermodel figure, would show every lump & bump!

Fluted silk-blend lamé maxi dressFringed leather jacket

Not all items in her collection were like this though as there were many pieces that caught my eye. My favorite being the satin jumpsuit, scallop trim cami, floral maxi, floral print dress and the metallic jacquard blazer she wore for the opening.

Chiffon-paneled satin playsuit Scalloped satin and chiffon camisoleFloral-print lace-appliquéd georgette maxi dressFloral-print cotton dressMetallic jacquard blazer

I am a big fan of Kate and she will always be an icon of her day. At 40 she is clearly showing no signs of slowing down and I’m glad that there will be garments out there that will inspire a new generation.

To see the unavailing of Kate Moss at Topshop visit:


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