Giorgio Armani’s Anger Anna Wintour Missed His Show!

This week, shocking news broke out that Anna Wintour purposefully missed Giorgio Armani’s A/W14 show in Milan in order to fly to Paris Fashion Week.

This is a big deal in the fashion world as Armani pays thousands of dollars to American Vogue in advertising and pays thousands more in time and money to showcase his collection to the worlds press. If one of the worlds largest editors in chief from the worlds largest fashion magazine Vogue doesn’t turn up to the show, then that’s a big kick in the teeth.

Armani called a press conference naming Anna “unprofessional”“She is influential and powerful. But, perhaps, I’m influential as well.” Anna did leave some of her high ranking professionals to attend the show in her absence, but Armani wasn’t impressed. ‘ “if you go to see your dentist and he puts you in the hands of his assistant, what’s your reaction?’

Having reported at Fashion Week and spoken to journalists like Hilary Alexander, Suzy Menkes and bloggers alike, I understand just how crazy and packed the fashion calendar is. Currently spanning over a month with only 24hrs between each country, it’s no wonder journalists cut corners.

Attending London Fashion week for example, I know the first 2x days will be packed with the worlds press as everyone wants to publish the first pictures. Big designers are also scheduled during this time for that very reason. But the week always ends with a bang with arguably the largest designers on the final day; NY – Ralph Lauren, Milan – Armani , Paris – Louis Vuitton.
The UK though is slightly different. I spoke to the fashion council about this a few weeks ago and the fact that the worlds press start to leave on the final day is common knowledge. So they schedule the headline designers the day before which for AW14 ended with Burberry & Tom Ford. This gives photographers an extra day to get their accreditation passes/upload footage/write articles and travel earlier if they wish.
Its not great for the lesser known designers showcasing on the final day, but with the schedule currently as tight as it is, then its not a bad compromise?

But its not just womenswear as menswear has the same problem with London Collections Men currently clashing with Milan’s Pitti Uomo. Sure, the menswear fashion calendar is only recently sorting itself out & becoming a standalone entity (NY will soon be hosting its first menswear fashion week), but you have to wonder , why doesn’t a representative from each sector  just sit down and figure out a schedule that works for everyone?

Maybe that’s my calling?!


  1. That sounds like a job for you Alex! However, it sounds like a losing game, trying to make everyone happy.
    I can see why Armani would be angry, Anna is a BIG name, but honestly it sounds like a madhouse! Does it really all have to happen in only one week in each country?

    1. The fashion calendar is so crazy & reluctantly growing all the time – I can’t see them extending it but they must do something with the current schedule!

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