Donna Karen Marks 30yrs in Fashion

A couple of weeks ago during New York Fashion Week, Donna Karen celebrated 30yrs in the business.

Her show encompassed everything New York “ its nonstop motion, its streamlined architecture and its glistening lights” all in front of a stunning film backdrop made by fashion photographer Steven Sebring depicting a woman in distorted slow motion.

The show featured thigh length boots with sheer panelled dresses exposing the upper leg and blood red plunging necklines. Karen’s collection perfectly married feminism & sensuality with the structure, confidence and freedom of movement she is known for.

Here 30yr milestone came with sheer determination and passion for fashion which started when she was very young.

Donna Karen grew up surrounded by fashion, her mother was a model and her stepfather was a suit designer. Eager to get into the business, she quickly climbed the ranks whilst at college working for Anne Klein as a part time job where after just 2yrs she became associate designer. Shortly afterwards in 1974 at the tender age of just 26 she was named head designer taking over as successor following Klein’s death.

Ten years later in 1984 Dona took the plunge and started her own label.

With a solid Understanding of her target audience, in 1988 Donna later launched the more affordable DKNY for the younger market which was swiftly followed by an array of DKNY brands including jeans, perfume and menswear.

In 2003, Donna was the first American designer to receive Fashion Group International”s Superstar Award and in 2004 became the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

As seen in her recent collection, Donna Karen has a way of empowering women using fabrics such as leather, and silk chiffon that hug the body “New York is what I stand for — the past, the present, the future.” She “designs modern clothes for modern people” which in my mind is the reason she is still so popular today.

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