Reporting at London Fashion Week AW14

London Fashion Week drew to a close on Tuesday night & what a whirlwind it has been – and with this weather I mean literally!

There is always a lot of prep to do before presenting at fashion week , from choosing an outfit, to doing background research on celebrities and designers you may interview.

P1210183 P1210186 P1210189







The outfit was fairly simple this time as I had previously met up with an exciting new designer Yuzzo-zhou (pics above) who’s coat I couldn’t resist in wearing as it ticked all the boxes for the seasons trends. But no matter how hard you spend doing your hair & make-up for the cameras, nothing can withstand 10hrs of heavy rain and gales! Luckily it subsided in subsequent days, but it was still a challenge!

Having accreditation to both Somerset House and the Freemasons Hall (where Fashion Scout select the best up & coming new designers) we drew up a schedule of which shows to visit and where we needed to be for interviews.  But as ever with shoots, thing never go according to plan!

An example was day 1.

IMG_2865IMG_2869 IMG_2872








The first  show at Freemasons Hall overran and after interviewing the designer Jamie Wei Huang and the models backstage I literally had to sprint back to Somerset House (in heels I may add) to grab an interview with an editor of Vogue China and Pandemonia who I spotted out of the corner of my eye. After more filming around Somerset House interviewing bloggers, journalists and designers, we then hot footed it back to Freemasons Hall for the Ones To Watch show where I interviewed presenter Zoe Hardman.

iiii iii ii i










With only minutes to spare, we ran back to Somerset House for the Christopher Raeburn show and having arranged to interview him backstage, I wasn’t expecting for us all to get booted out into the rain by the organisers who were preparing for the next show! Needless to say, Christopher was a star, and the line-up of the worlds press got the interviews they needed, albeit a bit soggy!

After 3x days running around fashion week, and subsequent days presenting on other shows such as QVC, I’m now officially hanging up my heels for another season!


  1. You’ve done a wonderful job Alex! Glad you have a chance to hang those shoes up for at least a little while!

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