The Fara Workshop

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I don’t normally blog about the shops I visit, but having just filmed in the new The Fara Workshop in Angel Islington London, I had to share!

The Fara Workshop is a charity chain where all proceeds go to orphaned and abandoned children in Romania. The organisation has branches around central & south west London selling second hand, donated clothes, but its the store in Angel Islington that offers something different.

Here, all the clothes that are donated get upcycled and turned into exciting new, fashion forward pieces that are truly inspirational!

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Plain white shirts with worn collars are replaced with printed patterns and matching cuffs. T-shirts have illustrations added by a resident designer with different coloured sleeves added for something different and skirts are crafted out of unloved dresses.

With prices ranging around £30 for a shirt, its not only value for money, but you are also doing a good thing for the charity, the environment, and you are getting a piece that is 100% original!

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The shop has their own designers who make the clothes in the store  and each garment they make is signed by them so you know who made it! They are also open to tailoring the garments & are hoping to start classes for anyone wanting to learn how to do it themselves!

The Anna Crawley and her team at Fara are lovely and I wish them every success with their ventures.

If you haven’t already visited, check it out:

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I hope it catches on. Thanks for the share. Wonderful.

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