Alexa Chung’s new label?

We have all heard of her, and we all love her sense of style and now finally it’s thought that Alexa will soon be launching her own fashion label in 2014. Hurah!

Alexa started modelling at 16 after she was spotted at the Reading music festival by models Storm Management and she soon ended up modelling for companies such as Cosmo Girl and Urban Outfitters as well as music videos for Westlife and Holly Valance.  After four years of modelling & ending with body issues! she went on to become a presenter, getting her break in 2006 with Ch4’s Popworld. This lead to her becoming  one of the main faces of Ch4 working on shows such as Frock Me and Gok’s Fashion Fix to name but a few.

Alexa is one of those people who can turn her hand to anything and looks amazing whilst she’s doing it! Quoting someone who knows: She is “a phenomenon” (Anna Wintor). She even turned her hand to presenting in the US in 2009 for MTV ‘Its on with Alexa Chung’! And the very same year had a Mulberry bag named in her honour ‘Alexa’ which was an instant sell-out!
Putting her journalistic skills to the test, Alexa was also made a contributing editor of British Vogue and published her first book “It” in September 2013.

For any of you who watched the recent British Fashion Awards this year you’ll also know that Alexa was purposefully removed from the ‘best dressed’ nomination list because she had won it 3 times in a row! Handing over the award to Harry Styles she made me laugh saying “This wouldn’t happen to Kate Moss!”

Alexa’s style is effortless and quirky with a perfect mix of vintage/high-low designer outfits. She is a fashion icon of the moment and is no stranger to design either having already teamed up with American store Madewell in 2010.
I can only expect her collection to fly off the shelves when she debuts her label and will be keeping a beady eye open for its arrival!


  1. Alexa IS a real stylist in the true sense of the word. Glad to hear she’s coming out with a line of her own. Happy New Year to you Alex, and thanks for the great posts! Love them, keep ’em coming!

    1. Thanks Laura. Happy New Year to you too!

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