My Day Presenting On QVC

Last week I spent the day at QVC working as fashion guest presenter for the fabulous Los Angeles label Laundry by Shelli Segal. It turned out to be quite an eventful day so I thought I’d share my experience!

My first 40min slot was at 10am and I had to arrive 2xhrs before so I could A) have time to do my hair & make-up (VERY important!),  B) speak to the stylist about the running order of the coats I was talking about and C) speak to the QVC presenter about what will happen whilst we were live on air.







The QVC building was extremely impressive, the foyer is vast and the green room (where the guests/models spend their time) is possibly the best I have been in!  Having a dressing room with everything you could wish for as a presenter was also a big highlight!

The collection of coats I was talking about were divine, high quality and had many key features which made it easier for me to talk about as I was already passionate about them. What I wasn’t expecting though was to be told just minutes before going on air that I would have 3x completely new coats to add to my collection!

IMG_2286 IMG_2291 copy

My debut show was with the lovely Kathy Taylor who was a true professional. She made my first show such a pleasure and it felt very much like we were just sitting having a coffee & a chat about coats – not talking in front of the multiple cameras, crew & thousands of viewers!  At one point Kathy mentioned going to the Fashion Awards & it took all my might not to start asking her about it!
We were on air for 40 minutes talking about 8x coats, which sounds a while but the time literally flew, and by the time I had got used to the format of the show it was time to finish.

IMG_2302 IMG_2298 copy

My second show at 7pm was with the QVC presenter Charlie Brook. This time I was scheduled to talk about 12x coats for 1 hour. I was fairly confident prior to the show as I really enjoyed myself on the first one and was excited to do another. What I wasn’t prepared for though was when things go wrong … on live TV!
The clasp on one of the coats coat I was talking about wouldn’t fasten properly as the label decided to get jammed in it, the zipper on another got stuck, the model tried to put the hood up on a coat that only had pillow collar, and my earpiece (that the producer/director talks to you with telling you what is happening & how much time you have left) kept falling out!  Of course as its live TV, you just have to deal with it, smile and keep going!
Knowing how professional & slick the crew are at QVC, I had a feeling the producer/director/editor would have seen everything going on & found a way to cut around it, but it certainly tested my presenting skills!

Regardless of the small mishaps, I had a fantastic time at QVC. The crew & presenters were friendly and efficient and it was fun to hear items selling out whilst I was talking about them on air.
Hopefully it won’t be too long till I’m back in the saddle!

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  1. l’ll bet you handled it like a pro. How exciting to be on a live show. Nerve wracking, I imagine!

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