**Calling All South West London Fashion Bloggers!**

I am presenting for South West London TV at London Fashion Week in a few days time.I want to interview any bloggers who are based in South West London for the show which will be posted online to 100,000 + viewers.

You blog will get a mention.
Even if you can’t make it to fashion week, I would still be interested in hearing from you in case we can interview you for another show.

Please get in contact!

I’ll be at Somerset House on Friday 13th So please come up & say hi if you are visiting



  1. Hi Alex..we’re based in Balham! xxx

  2. Manson Bentley – Perfect!
    I do follow your blog (which is great by the way) and was wanting to do a stand alone report on just bloggers, but I also want to get some content for Fashion week too. I’m assuming you are going to LFW? I need to speak to my director first as we are working on the content so will drop you a line next week if that’s ok?

  3. I would love to participate but I cant make it to the location.
    My name is Rohma Malik and I am a Swedish Fashion student based in London.
    Really wouldnt mind giving an interview in future 🙂
    Feel free to check out my blog haha!

    1. Thanks Rohama. Will keep you in mind.

  4. Hi Alex..we’re not going to LFW as such..although we will be doing a Blog Party to celebrate and to launch our new winter range so more internet based..but have a chat and whatever helps you..drop me a line: kate@masonbentley.com..if you’re London based come round and see the Collection yourself and have a glass of wine! xxx

    1. Thanks Kate. I’ll drop you a line on Mon/Tue.xx

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