London Collections S/S14

London Collections has already flown past in London and what a few days it had been. The collections have ranged from ‘very British’ tailoring to surfer chic and everything in-between.

Although eyes were on Burberry’s first runway in London after 10yrs in Milan, it was the new designers such as Christopher Shannon who stole the show with 90’s inspired rave collection.

Katie Eary’s collection featured orange leopard prints, Alexander McQueen favoured more feminine lace and E Tauz favoured bold satin colours. Florals seem to be popular seen by the likes of Rag & Bone & Tom Ford with pastels & white being a dominant colour. Overall it seems that menswear is a lot more feminine, whilst women are dressing more masculine… ummm sharing our partner wardobes – it could work?!

For most, the London Collections is an indication of what is to come for the womenswear fashion week in (can you believe it) 2 ½ x months time! Based on what we have seen, it looks like skater/street wear is likely to be a big trend with baggy trousers & bomber jackets. So keep hold of the jackets you’ve bought ladies!

Men in London do dress extremely well, but it seems the growth of the peacock male is what is to come. As Tom Ford explained “Our guy is totally a peacock male, and the appetite for that look has increased – particularly in Russia and China and emerging markets. But London is so peacock – the most peacock place in the world.”

I was on the tube the other day & spotted an African American man wearing a grey tailored suit with a maroon cravat, a grey deer stalker hat and a sharks tooth necklace! It sounds very random, but it was so stylish I only wish I had the guts to take a photo of him! I also spotted two men walking down the street in Ted Baker suits and pink socks who I felt compelled to take a sneaky pic of….

Videos of my favourite collections are below courtoesy of British Fashion TV….now we await Milan & Paris.

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