‘Treasure’ – UK’s Largest Jewellery Show

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Part of Jewellery week,  I spent the day in Somerset House, London yesterday at the UK’s largest jewellery show called ‘Treasure.’ I was presenting for a new online channel called Fashion Bloggers TV Network.

I must admit, I have predominantly been focusing on fashion clothes, rather than fashion jewellery, so it was a refreshing change for me to get a solid understanding of the creative talent out there in accessories.

With over 130+ jewellers in 5x different galleries I was slightly distracted!!  I felt like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings … “my precious”!!

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Creativity was everywhere – There were inventive jewellers such as the designer who made rubber bangles that could also be used to hold your carrier bags (genius!) or my favourite being Atelier-Berger.de who’s kinetic rings were unbelievable! How they rotated without a magnet I have no idea!

The more fashion forward jewellers included Hop Skip & Flutter who made vintage inspired necklaces out of porcelain, or Beau & Arrow who upcycled various items into pendants. Both were so on trend & unique there was no wonder their items have already featured in mags such as Grazzia!
One designer I interviewed was Valerie Van Balen who  lived in Hawaii (I wasn’t at all jealous!) and she explained she went diving for the pearls in her collection!!! She explained they are now going to be sold on 5th Avenue New York!

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I was completely blown away by the 3D printer though. I’d read about them in magazines, but to actually see one in the flesh & to see what they  are capable of printing is quite amazing. It even printed plastic glasses (which I felt compelled to try on!) and intricate necklaces.  According to an article I read  a few weeks back, they can actually print shoes that you can wear! ..can you imagine …Oh I don’t have any shoes for that dress…no worries, I just print a pair!!

IMG_1312The winner of the Treasure designer of the year 2013 award went to SOS-Jewellry.co.uk.  An insanely stunning collection that was very simple yet very clever. She had made rings and earrings that could be interchanged or collapsed into different combinations, so one ring could not only be worn in 3-4 different ways but could also be used as 2x different pendants! You have to watch the video to get a better idea.

All in all, I was blown away by the event. Chatting to Della Tinsley the Creative Director of Treasure she explained how important this event was to celebrate & promote designers & having spent the day looking around I loved the fact not only do the industry buyers get to visit, but it was also open to the public. There was even an area for new designers who  had never exhibited before.

I did everything my power to walk away without buying something…..next year though, I may need to bring my credit card!

As soon as the video has been edited & uploaded I’ll add the link here for you to watch…so keep an eye out!


  1. Here for the first time as part of the MasonBentley party. Great blog. Living in a college town in the US, I hear about 3D printers being used to print specialized medical implants/devices, and bits for research projects…which is amazing…but I didn’t know they were printing jewelry and shoes…but of course!

  2. It’s Sunday..it’s Blog Party day..and I’m here to have a lovely browse!! xxxxx

  3. I would love to have been there!! Blingtastic!

  4. Here from MasonBentley party and I love this site. I saw a young guy printing shoes in Venice CA last year. Very cool. Jewelry is a weakness of mine so love the timely post…see you again here.

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