Has social media changed the fashion industry?



We all know social media & the internet has created instantaneous information at a click of a button. But how has it shaped the fashion industry?

Take the modelling world for instance, gone are the days when looks are the overriding factor, now photographers & clients are on the lookout for models with ‘personality’, someone who can instantly create a fanbase with the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘likes’ from people around the globe. Big brands are even using this strategy to plug their product as they can guarantee it will sell well if someone like Cara Delevingne with 150,000 fans are on board.    Thanks to social media we are in what Storm model agency founder Sarah Doukas calls; a ‘character moment.’

In addition to the change in models, photographers jobs and catwalk shows alike have also changed. Before (and I can say this about telly was well) the hours of blood & sweat that were created behind the scenes during the production process wasn’t seen by the outside world, only the finished glossy product which created a sense of mystery & exclusivity. Now though, everything is instant. Catwalk shows are streamed live around the globe, models instantly post backstage pictures & videos on their sites & photographers stream pictures of designers collections instantly onto the web – all of which allow the public to experience the fashion world first hand – warts and all!

kimk_2558400aThe same has also been for celebrities wearing designers clothes. Take one wrong fashion choice (such as Kim Kardashian’s recent Givinchy floral dress at the Met Ball) and the world suddenly has something to say about it. It’s not just the journalists views that count now, but social media.

The power of social media has also created a new breed of journalists – yes, us – fashion bloggers! Some of which have suddenly become so popular that not only have they become the blogged, but even designers are taking note of their street trends and views of the fashion world. Donatella Versace is even looking to social media to comment on her Versus collection as “I think the internet community has a good eye.” Top bloggers have also had access to exclusive fashion shows & in some cases have been hired to select clothing lines in top department stores.

I’m only scratching the surface here, I could go on & write a lot more but I think you get the picture. In my mind, social media has, & still is, shaping the fashion industry. The walls have been broken down and it has become a lot more accessible. It’s exciting times as it is not only revolutionising the fashion world, but nobody can predict where it will take us. I’m just glad to be a part of it!


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  2. Nice to come across your blog through the Mason Bentley bloggers party! I like your view on the fashioin world, and would love to read some more. Thanks for joining and all the best!:)

  3. I definitely agree that social media has (and still is) changing the fashion industry. Similarly, fashion blogging has taken the industry by storm and has really made fashion more accessible to women of all shapes and sizes. This was such an interesting post – thanks for sharing!


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