Lady Gaga’s Black Wedding Dress!?

Its no secret Lady Gaga has been dating the former The Vampire Diaries star Taylor Kinney, but rumours are that not only will her wedding day cost millions, but she will be spending thousands on her dress that will be designed by none other than her favourite designer Donatella Versace.


As with everything Gaga, this dress is bound to be an over the top statement couture piece.  “She thinks white is cheesy and wants black and gold silk with all these crazy removable bits.”

As if Gaga doesn’t dress up enough already in her day wear, you can only imagine what she’s going to wear for the biggest, most elaborate day of her life!… are my ideas….


Peacock-Feathers-Vivienne-Westwood-Wedding-Dress wild-wedding-dress

1700_1800_Extreme_Width_dress_by_TuderianArtiste cocoon-wedding-dress-strange-extreme-wedding-dress-designs big-dress-1

You can forget Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian because I think Gaga’s wedding dress is going to steel the spotlight and may even be a piece that goes down in history!

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