Don’t shop Oxford St – shop Spittalfields!

Ok, so I’m slightly contradicting my previous post about H&M, but for those of you who are fashion savvy shoppers and enjoy shopping in quirky places like Camden, then Spittalfields is the place to go.

As I hadn’t been for a while, I thought I’d take a look around over the week-end & give you my breakdown of where to shop. Firstly I must point out that Spittalfields market, vintage stalls and up and coming designers are only there on Sunday so any other day is not worth your trip.

I usually start from Liverpool st station and work my way up:

spittalfields map

1 – Middlesex Market – This is a ridiculously cheap clothing market selling discounted clothes from the lower end brands such as  M&S & Debenhams. Not exactly Prada, but worth a rummage.
IMG_0871 IMG_0870

2 – Spittalfields market – this can be a tourist trap and sometimes a little pricey, but occasionally you find and meet amazing designers such as:

3– Truman Brewery sample sale – You pay £1 to get in and have to hand your bag in for security, but with all the designer clothes such as Paper, Calvin Klein and All Saints at discounted prices, its worth it! Check out or

IMG_0879 IMG_0877

4 – Trumen Brewery market – This is packed with up & coming designers selling really quirky original pieces, and the huge food selection there isn’t bad either for when you are a little peckish!
IMG_0886  IMG_0880

5 – Truman Brewery basement Vintage Market – There are tonnes of pop-up vintage shops and markets on a Sunday, but this is my favourite & you can pick up some great bargains such as £15 for a tweed jacket and £5 for cut-off denim shorts.

6 –Another Brick lane market – Good for unnusual accessories such as bug jewelry

7 – The Laden Showroom – This is my favourite shop, packed with collections from up & coming designers at very reasonable prices, you are bound to find that stand out piece here.
IMG_0889 IMG_0887

8 – The top end of Brick Lane – Here you will find exclusive designers such as:  or amongst others…that’s if you have any money left by then!

Happy shopping!

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