Cara Delevingne: Model, Brand or Personality?









We can’t go anywhere now without seeing Cara Delevingne. She’s fun, quirky and has worked for the world’s biggest labels such as Burberry, Chanel and Prada. But it seems that Cara is single-handedly changing the modelling world from the stereotypical ‘dumb models with no personality’ to models you not only want to watch but hang out with as well.

Until Cara, Kate Moss was arguably Britain’s biggest model, renowned for abiding by the phrase never complain; never explain, she, like other models in her day modelled the clothes rather than outshone them & spoke very little to the press about their antics of life in the modelling world. But times are changing & last year even Kate jumped on the bandwagon & spoke in detail about her life as a model.

With the use of Twitter instantly accessing your chosen celeb, or footage on Youtube & FB seeing them back stage, it seems we are fascinated with the real world of high profile, jet setting ‘celebrities’.   And as the world of supermodels has been closely guarded over the years, somehow Cara seems to fit the bill as the model ambassador to see us through this change.

As a budding actress she isn’t shy to act up in front of the cameras and being just 20 she certainly has the energy, spirit and fun of a girl who’s making the most of all the opportunities flooding her way. The thousands of hits she has had on Youtube pulling her (now signature) funny faces,  pictures of her wearing her ‘onzies’ or fans websites dedicated to just her eyebrows have turned Cara into her own unique brand, one where fans can see the ‘real’ Cara, not just Cara the model.

Cara’s status has exploded over recent months so much so her name has even been registered as a trademark, and she now has a global fan base from both men and women to geeks and socialites.  She appeals to the wide market and has begun to get offers outside the modelling world including an acting role in the movie Anna Karenina and offers for a music career with the help of gal pal Rihanna.

It seems Her ‘celebrity’ status and brand is slowly but surely turning her into a ‘personality’ and I’m convinced it won’t be long now before we see her acting a lead role in movies, creating her own chat shows, presenting on TV and who knows what else!

Cara Delevingne is a model, brand AND personality and if she is setting an example, then the modelling industry had better brace themselves for a change.

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