Fashion: Is it a female dominated industry or are the men taking over?

London fashion week is just days away, but it seems the recent 2013 A/W men’s fashion week has highlighted to the world’s press just how fashion forward men have become. And I’m not just talking about the catwalk models, I’m talking about regular folk; friends, work colleagues & partners.

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It’s clear to see that designers have been giving us girls a run for our money this year showcasing an amazing array of: frilled boots, shift dresses & snoods by designers such as JW Anderson & Sibling. Ok, so these items are a little extreme and possibly too androgynous for most men, but one thing I have noticed over the last few years is that men’s fashion has not only become liberal, it has become exciting!

Unlike the fashion world for women, men’s fashion is not a saturated market. Designers are breaking the mould, pushing the boundaries in territories previously unchartered and convincing  ‘bloke’s’  that fashion is something not to be afraid of.

In 1998 David Beckham caused a sensation by wearing a sarong, but It seems men are embracing fashion and the unconventional more now than ever before. Men are groomed, they experiment with colour & texture and take an interest in top designers such as Calvin Klein & Tom Ford. Men are, well…. looking sharp! To the point where us ‘mere women’ need to, quite frankly, up our game!

Ok, so London is one of the fashion capitals, but the variety of dapper men going about their day, expressing their own individual fashion forward style is one you cannot miss.

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Men are no longer in the shadows of their girlfriends, they are stealing the limelight!
Men’s fashion is quite literally thriving & I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

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