My visit to London Fashion Week






Yesterday was the final day at LFW so I took a trip to Somerset House to see the 2013 S/S collections in the flesh.

It was a glorious day & the courtyard itself was buzzing with press, designers & young fashionistas all weaving in out of the main building, stopping for pictures by passing photographers along the way.

Having obtained my press pass, I ventured through the  maze of small rooms in the main building, each filled with designers  showcasing their work.
What I cherished yesterday was the opportunity to speak to the designers themselves and ask them about the inspiration behind their collection & their choice of fabrics. To keep it brief for all of you readers, I will give you a quick rundown of my findings:










Junky Styling  – Their collection was a stroke of genius. Influenced by Britons interchangeable weather & the fact we never know what season to expect, they took items such as the waterproof raincoat and turned it into an elegant skirt & jacket, producing a very feminine, yet practical piece of clothing.
Hushan Zhang – His collection was semi couture (i.e it is so perfectly tailored you cant see the seems), He wanted to prove luxury clothes can be made in China, combining west & eastern influences to create perfectly crafted pieces…some with the added detailing of Swarovski crystals!
Lorico – His collection was handmade in the Philippines using an unusual mix of cotton & pineapple fibre with added sections made with fishing line. It was his first time at LFW and his dresses were remarkable.








Other designers included: Paper London (lots of striking block patterns in bright pinks & yellow), Ada Zandition (prints inspired by tiger & the war), Palmer/Harding (beautifully tailored crisp white shirts & shirt dresses with a pop of orange), Make Piece (delicate British woollen garments), Sister by Sibling (combined bright neon colours),David Koma (sports luxe tennis skirt designs in crisp white & blue), Willow (soft pastel colours with brush stroke designs in bold orange), Christopher Raeburn (utility dresses in olive & white).







In the Rock Vault, I was slightly in aw with the craftsmanship of the jewellery designers.
My top designer was Tomasz Donocik who perfectly combined femininity with ‘rock chick’ by creating beautiful leather wristbands with black crystals. I literally fell in love & had to pry myself away!
Other designers who’s jewellery was beautifully sculptured were Yunus & Eliza, Imogen Belfield & Jo Hayes Ward.








In the shoe section, I fell in love with Richard Braqo’s black shoes with gold leaf detailing, Alejandro Ingelmo’s black & gold statement shoes & Julian Hakes architecturally designed collection. Ahhh ….shoes!

On my travels, I did manage to get a sneak peek behind the scenes of the models in make-up & got a glimpse of the clothes they would be wearing by designer Jena Theo.

In the  Portico show space was the fashion show for the Jena Theo’s  ‘Hell’s Angels’ collection.
The collection was stunning; delicate silks blended with latex & soft leather, addressing the strong, assertive woman in striking architectural silhouettes & hand rendered tattoo print. Divine!










Invitation in hand, I managed to get a seat on the third row of the courtyard show which gave me a perfect vantage point of the runway to watch Aminaka Wilmont’s collection.
Lights faded, music started, and the giant bank of press at the end of the runway were braced for the show.
It didn’t disappoint. Inspired by scent and the construction of perfume, the collection showcased a sleek silhouette that was both playful & sophisticated, mixing flashes of colour with calmer shades of grey. Leggings, shirt dresses, tux jackets & sleeveless leather jackets added masculinity of the collection….which was beautiful.









I left the afternoon utterly exhausted yet full of excitement for what we have in store for 2013. In my mind, based on the variety of collections I have seen, there will certainly be something for everyone next year.

After the Olympics & now the end of LFW, London is without doubt the hottest hub for fashion and in my mind surpasses New York, Paris AND Milan!

I can’t wait to visit LFW next year.

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