Vogue’s Fashion Night Out – London

It’s 5pm on Thursday night and I’m walking around Oxford street. There is an air of anticipation from both shoppers and shopkeepers; the shoppers eyeing out key items until the clock ticks 6pm and the shopkeepers talking to each other through headpieces whilst frantically setting up black fabric tables and DJ booths.

We all wait……Then, at 6pm, Oxford and Bond street suddenly went mad for fashion!

Nearly all of the shops in the area had an offer on in some form or another from 6pm, be it 20% off new lines or a goody bag for every purchase for that night only. The idea being that it would get the public shopping to boost the economy and would be a great event to kick off London Fashion Week.

The evening was certainly a spectacular event, a buzz of excitement and all things stylish and glamorous.








I started the evening looking around the high street stores on Oxford street, spending a few minutes watching singer Delilah perform live in Topshop, sipping free champagne in Warehouse and grazing on cupcakes in Benetton.  I then headed to Liberty’s where I was told jeans designer MiH was holding a competition for free clothes if the lucky winner can find one of their 3x gold doves hidden somewhere in the department store. Not one to turn down a prize, I (somehow) managed to hunt down a dove and I actually won a pair of jeans and a top worth £240! https://twitter.com/mihjeans

Fuelled with my excitement, I headed down to New Oxford Street where you find top designer stores such as Louis Vuitton and Prada. The street had been closed to pedestrians and this is where all the magic happened.





The street came alive with a sea of beautiful people, a mixture of models, actors, wags and IT girls/guys, all of which came out in their masses as the evening progressed.

You only had to spend 5min before recognising someone, and paps were on every corner with their multi camera flashes to capture celebrities entering one of the many designer stores. I only spotted Amy Childs by accident as the flash bulbs nearly blinded me as she walked past (I’m sure it wasn’t a good look!) & Vince Kidd from The Voice who brushed past me with his mates. But anyone who was anyone in the fashion/celebrity circle was there including Jameela Jamil DJ’ing in one store, Gwyneth Paltrow assisting with advertising for Coach and celebrities such as Pixy Lott and Kelly Brook making the odd appearance.

The strange thing was, it was all open to the public (who were all looking fabulous by the way!), and the only way I can explain the atmosphere was that it is that it was like being invited to the biggest VIP lounge of an exclusive red carpet night club…all down a high street!

I’d say nearly 90% of shops all had velvet ropes outside with a red carpet entrance and bouncers standing & surveying who entered.  Inside Coach for instance, the till stations were turned into a bar with suited waiters providing free flowing champagne.  There was a DJ booth in the corner and people dripping with fashion fabulousness were happily mingling and hobnobbing in their designer outfits and high heels. All this, in a room that was essentially ‘decorated’ by Coach handbags!
I thought I’d died & gone to heaven!

But this wasn’t just in Coach, this was in all the stores!  There was also ‘Swing’ dancing in the street and free ice-cream and Hotel du Chocolate drinks for those ladies who needed a sugar boost to get them through the night.







Considering this event has only been running 3yrs and is held only once a year, it was a dazzling, magnificent spectacle which the people at Vogue totally nailed.
I will definitely be going next year’s Vogue Fashion Night Out.
………..now,  what to wear?

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