Baby Fashionistas

I was on the bus mining my own business, when I suddenly spotted the most stylish child I have ever seen!  She was about 5yrs old, wearing a cream vintage lace dress with a matching giant tutu underneath and an effortlessly chic oversized cotton headband and beads – I wish the bus had stopped long enough for me to take a picture to show you because I was mightily impressed!

With summer upon us (I’m being sarcastic with this British weather!) it’s the season to have babies, and the media are loving it! But is it me, or has dressing a baby become more complex? As high profile celebrity parents plastered across magazines create a new breed of baby…the baby fashionista.







Take Harper Beckham, Suri Cruise  & Zuma Rossdale,  who are just 3x celebrity babies who have not only become role models to children as young as 4, but are even upstaging their globally famous parents! Their wardrobes are up to date with the latest trends with matching handbags and aviator glasses, but rather than wearing typical labels like Gap Kids, they (or their parents) have cleverly mix & matched clothes to create their own street savvy style.

Its fair to say the range of collections on sale for children has changed dramatically over the last few years and ‘baby couture’ has become big business.  Top designers including Fendi & Versacewere quick to jump on the band wagon last year appealing to all tastes including ‘preppy’, ‘vintage’ & ‘biker’ chic. … how cute you cry!…But it’s not just celebrity kids, as my bus ride proved. This is happening on a global scale, where fashion to children has become as important to them as those one penny sweets were to us ‘back in the day.’

Not only are these young children learning what’s hot & wants not, this new generation are quickly being labelled as ‘fashion experts.’ Children as young as 10yrs are writing their own fashion blogs, creating a refreshing insight into the world of a modern fashion forward child. 14 yr old Tavi Gevinson for example shot to fame as the youngest fashion blogger at the age of 10 …10!!!  and has since became the muse of the designers of Rodarte, regularly reviewing collections from the front row of the biggest fashion shows in the world.

You could argue that parents are forcing their kids to grow up too quickly, but personally, I’m all for it!
Think about it; if a child is educated to the fabulous world of fashion where individuality and expressionism is key,  and dedication to a cause they are passionate about opens their eyes to all manner of possibilities, then it  can only be a good thing right?

………well, that is as long as those key wardrobe pieces don’t break mom’s bank!


  1. Just visiting as part of the MasonBentley party. I think some kids are just born with a fashion aesthetic. My almost 6 year old has been experimenting with her own unique style since she was old enough to scream blue murder if I put her in something she didn’t like. Styling herself and her sisters, from clothes to jewels to hair and makeup gives her so much joy. She will spend hours drawing and designing her own dresses. For her birthday this year her father has had one of her creations turned into a reality by a designer friend of ours. I can’t wait to see her face.

    1. That sounds amazing – her first couture outfit!
      Kids are definitely more aware now about styling & fashion in general. I only wish I had access to the outfits kids have now when I was growing up… I had to make do with sewing safety pins and using tippex & spray paint!

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