The fashion dilemmas of a festival

It’s July and that only means one thing…… festival time!

I, like most young adults love a good music festival. You can’t beat listening to a band live whilst eating an overpriced hot dog on the grass whilst chillin with friends.
But is it just me, or is there now a fashion protocol at these events? A style that no matter how fashion fabulous you are, you wouldn’t normally combine in your day to day choice of clothing.

Being a Yorkshire lass, I was brought up to be ‘practical,’ so going to a festival where the forecast is rain would automatically mean I would dress appropriately with warm, waterproof clothing and closed shoes. However, I have started to become increasingly more aware of the need to wear something more fashion forward………something ‘festival chic’ ……..something Kate Moss & Fearne Cotton seems to nail every time.

It’s become this new breed of fashion, the Fight Club of fashion if you like that everyone knows about yet nobody discusses. It’s a vintage grunge meets boho chic style where cut off denim shorts and Hunter wellies are compulsory, along with the all important straw trilby or hippy rose garland. Not to mention the silly hats that only come out of your closet for this very occasion!







But no matter how fashion conscious you are, you’ve got to realise that shorts and sandals in British weather is going to result in you freezing your butt off in the evening! When you go to festivals like Leeds Fest  and see girls shivering in the cold and rain wearing little vests and shorts, or wearing maxi dresses that have been dragged through the mud (not a good look), you’ve got to question why this ‘festival chic’ hasn’t encompassed warm clothing?!

So is it possible to pull of ‘practical’, ‘festival chic’ or do the both not mix?  And how do you know you have rocked this festival style without creating a festival Faux pas when Fearne Cotton herself even questioned why on earth she wore luminous pink jeans to a previous festival as it was such a bad fashion mistake!  …….Great!

All I want to say is I hope festivals remain care free and refrain from creating compulsory dress codes like Ascot races, as to me fashion is about expressing your individuality.

Ultimately though, as long as those festival Facebook pictures are of you looking fabulous…then in the immortal words of Linkin Park; “in the end it doesn’t really matter… er errrrr.’’

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