Modelling – What you don’t see

It’s fair to say the modelling industry has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days where a model’s features set them apart from the other girls such as the original supermodel Twiggy or the ‘golden girls’ Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson & Naomi Campbell. Instead, the models nowadays need to be similar ‘blank canvas’s’ as it’s all about selling the garments, not the models.

Now, a model is left with their personality to help them stand out, & this is where they overcompensate

Many ‘normal’ people think models are airheads. I strongly disagree with this as I’ve met many models who would beat anyone hands down in a pub quiz and who do modelling on the side of a respected profession. But (and I must tread carefully here) a lot of young models are so full of themselves they would make even a cougar blush!

What’s interesting is how many girls go to auditions convinced they have what it takes to walk away with the job. The self belief and, how do I say this politely…bull….they come out with is outstanding! I know because I’ve been there.

Case in point was a casting I went to for a catwalk show here in London. It was a room full of girls each clutching their modelling books ready to strut their stuff in front of a row of judges.
It was a long wait as always with these castings (often an hour or so), so it’s only natural you get chatting to the girls sat next to you. Now any normal person would ask their profession, or talk about the weather, but with models it’s different. They are there for two things: self promotion & to beat the competition.
As a result, the conversations become the biggest brag about the number of jobs they’ve had recently, the amount of celebrities they have met and the amount of castings their agent has booked them on that day.

So you have to wonder, how many models think it’s expected of them to gloat & ‘big up’ their experiences? Or are there any models out there like me who agree it’s totally ineffective & pointless?  To hear someone say they’ve been so busy that they had 6x castings that day, you’ve got to question – are they actually successful models? & do they get any of these jobs they brag about?
More to the point, how many of them walk away from a casting convinced they bagged that job and beat the 150+ strong competition that day? Based on my experience, I’m guessing most of them.

When I next either present a fashion show, or model in it, I’ll interview some of the girls I meet and post my findings to this page.

My aim is to hold my baton high enough to try & change this crazy world that is modelling & to hope that those reading this will try to reign in their over excited self promotion.

Here’s to trying!

08/07/12 – I hosted an underground model X-factor show last night & managed to chat to some of the models.
Unfortunately for my blog they were only newbie models & hadn’t quite been affected by the industry yet, but it was interesting to hear what they said at even these early stages of their career:

Model 1
Q – How long have you been modelling?
A – 2years and have modelled for M&S
Q – How many jobs do you get a week?
A – I’m a student so I only do around 2x per month at the moment.
Q – How do you find castings? Is there pressure to compete?
A – I’m still new, but all the girls are friendly and nice. I definitely compete against them, but I don’t want to be arrogant like some of the other models. I just want to be better than them.

Model 2
Q – How long have you been modelling?
A – 2x months but I’ve already closed a catwalk show and I have 4x agents
Q – How much work do you get as a model – this week for example?
A – I will only have 1x day off this week I am so busy, and I had 2x shows today alone! I’ve got a beach shoot tomorrow and other lingerie and editorial shoots as well next week.
Q – Out of all the castings you go to, how many jobs do you get?
A – I just get booked for jobs, I don’t go to castings. They just want me!
Q – Do you get all of these jobs through your agents? They must be very good.
A – No I get them myself.
Q – What are your aspirations?
A – To be the next oriental Kate Moss.

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  1. I love looking through a post that can make people think.
    Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

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