The secret to London fashion

Everything you wear is your choice right? It’s what reflects both you & your feelings each day.
To speak generally here, most of us want to have style but are either too scared, or possibly too broke to experiment, and often don’t have a clue where to start when buying that ‘signature piece’ that popular TV fashion shows talk so readily about.

I’ve been lucky enough to live in London for the past 8yrs and for those of you who appreciate London’s fashion, I wanted to share my knowledge in finding an inexpensive unique piece (you know that key wardrobe statement piece that everyone talks about) in the centre of England’s capital.

My secret …… Camden.

In my mind, this is the hub of London’s unique fashion scene catering for everyone’s taste from ‘rock chick’ to ‘lolita’ where mix & match and originality is positively encouraged.

Its an exciting mix of colours & diversity where you can easily get distracted and walk away without buying a single item because there is simply so much to see!
So my top tip in shopping in Camden is to start at Camden tube and work your way up the high street to Camden Lock. The secret here is to browse the stalls & shops on your way up (believe me there is plenty to see), but save buying anything until you reach the bridge as the high street is often a tourist trap.
Across the lock, on the right hand side, is one of the many markets. In this particular market you will find up & coming new designers/students with their finger on the fashion pulse who may very well be on the verge of fashion stardom.  Couple this with the stalls across the road selling one off handmade jewellery, you are sure to bag your first signature piece.

My best area of Camden though is the ‘Stables.’  Its a maze bursting with fashion fabulousness & its here where you will find the best prices, and in my mind, the most original clothing.
Ok, so some of it is imported and you may see some of the stalls selling similar stock, but amongst the masses of cute dresses & vintage clothes I can guarantee you will find something special.
My favourite sore is for women and or Rabbithole London for men. But be warned, not all of these places have websites and it’s easy to get lost amongst the plethora of eyecandy, so my advice would be to get business cards from the places you like & pick a landmark so you can find it again!

If you have an eye for fashion & selecting that one of a kind item of clothing without breaking the bank, then I strongly suggest you give Camden a visit and let me know how you got on!
…..let the shopping commence…..

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